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TimeTrial Field LayoutDiscDogathon Bullseye GraphicTimeTrial

TimeTrial is one of the events in Hyperflite Skyhoundz DiscDogathon Championships.

In TimeTrial, each competitor or team will attempt to complete two 20-yard throws to a canine in the shortest amount of time possible. To qualify as a successful throw, the disc must be caught by the canine beyond the 20-yard line that runs from one side of the field to the other (there are no side-boundary lines). Field layout and dimensions are depicted in the graphics at right (click to enlarge). A maximum time of one minute will be permitted.

The thrower and canine are required to be behind the throwing line before time starts. When the competitor is ready, the line judge (with a stopwatch) will say Go! indicating that time has begun. If, in the opinion of the line judge, the dog leaves before time begins, time will be reset to zero and a restart will be initiated. Competitors may send their canines downfield, or throw, anytime after the start signal is sounded.

The thrower must remain behind the throwing line for all throws, but may move freely around the field at other times. A throw will not count if the thrower steps on or over the throwing line prior to or during the release of the disc.

At least two throws must be successfully completed (past the 20-yard mark) in order for a team to avoid being scored Did Not Finish (DNF). Time will stop when the canine crosses back over the start/finish line in possession of the disc after completing the required two 20-yard catches. However, if, after two successful catches, the canine drops the disc in front of the finish line, the thrower may retrieve the disc and time will stop when the thrower and canine cross the finish line regardless of who is in actual possession of the disc. The fastest canine/thrower team with two successful catches wins.

If a team’s round is interrupted, by a loose canine on the playing field, the team will be permitted to restart the round. Time will not be suspended during nature breaks.

TimeTrial Tie-Breaker If there is a tie for first, second, or third place, the tie will be broken by the following criteria, as necessary: 1) A Face-off round with each team receiving one TimeTrial throw. The team recording the fastest time will be declared the victor. If the teams are still tied after each has made one throw, Face-off continues until one team records a faster time. Officials will permit the competitors to rest their dogs as necessary.